Country At A Glance

About Tour:

This is my very first abroad opportunity. I am staying here in Farcha Guest House, Near Farcha Chouk in N'djamena, the capital of CHAD. I am having a project for three months. Besides me, 6 other Indian guys of different profile stay in my guest house. Here, I manage everything by my own starting from food to day-day routine. In morning breakfast, I usually take Milk-Cornflakes, Milk-Bread, MTR Poha, Banana-Juice, etc. Lunch, I usually miss due to lack of time or cab or non-availability of food items. I take Chapati-Sabji, Fried Rice, etc in Dinner. Weekends are reserved for buying food items, chilling with friends, or enjoying the places to walk around. Before coming to TCHAD, I brought MTR Food Items, Maggy, Spices, Flour, etc. I took $2510 as a backup as here in TCHAD, cfca is the currency which I convert from Dollar. I manage in $200 a month. First, I convert $100 (52000 cfca) which I use for 15 days, then another $100, and so on.

Duration Of Stay: December 20, 2012 – March 09, 2013.
Languages: French, Arabic.
Currency: Central African CFA Franc (1 Rs~10 CFA Franc).
Population: 11,525,496 (2011, World Bank).
TV Channels: Infinity TV, FX TV, DM TV, Awtar TV, National Geographic Abu Dhabi, FM, B4U Hindi, Imagine TV Hindi, Zee TV Hindi, etc.
Restaurants/Resorts/Hotels Visited: Layalena (Dec 22, 2012), Bakra Resort (Dec 23, 2012), Kundul Farm House (Dec 25, 2012).
Clubs/Bars: VIP, Picolo.
Vehicles: Q-Link, Carter, Land Cruiser, Corolla, Toyota Cars.
Rare To See: Drinking Water, Fast Food Restaurants, Vegetarian Points, ATMs, Match Sticks.
Markets: Alafia, Kundul, Modern.
Areas: Ambasanna (Area Name of Hiba Bakery), Bololo (Area Name of Modern Market, Sharlie Degol.
Rivers: Shairy, Logon.
Beauty of Country:

People are damn simple, use mostly Arabic, French, & very less English as part of communication. Overall infrastructure is under developed. Most of the people are living below poverty line. Places to shop like Super Markets, Molls, etc  are very less in count. Apartment, Residential, Commercial, Hotel, and even Airport premises are very low-rise & having moderate campuses. Restaurants, & other Food Junctions are having very less availability & generic choices of food items like Fast Foods, Vegetarian, Drinks, & Juices can rarely be seen. Items like Fruits, Vegetables, Drinking Water, & Groceries are costlier & are having less availability & choices. Weather is hot in day time & becomes a bit colder in night hours during the month of Dec-Feb. For rest of the months, weather remains hotter. Time is 4:30 hrs back to India Local Time. Most of the community is Christians (Speak Usually French) & Muslims (Use Arabic). Almost all the things are much costlier due to being imported. Country import almost all the things from neighborhood countries even Electricity too.

Features In Short:
1. Less Availability Of Power & Water Supply.
2. Very Less Number Of Government/Private Buses.
3. No Train In Whole Country.
4. Daily Non-Veg Consumption As Food.
5. Theater/Multiplex/Cinema Halls Are Very Less In Count.
6. Clubs/Pubs/Bars/Picnic Spots As Source of Entertainment.
7. Simple Office Infrastructures.
8. Communities As Black Complexion & Taller In Major.
9. Considerably Small Airport With Limited Flights.
10. Toyota Vehicles (Hilux) Can Be Seen Frequently.
11. Country Is Full Of So Many Adventures And Wild Natural Beauty.
12. Tries & Animals Are More & More, Pollution Is Considerably Less.