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Key Responsibility Areas

--> Involved in providing 2nd Level support to Airtel  Zain related to the Business Intelligence Servers [Account Information, & Refill, Service Data Point, Voucher Server, Interactive Voice Responce, Ericsson Multi Activation, Ericsson Multi Mediation, Charging Control Node, Charging Reporting System, & Reporting Server].
--> Handling Operations and Maintenance Activities which includes troubleshooting based on Customer Complaints, Errors, Alerts, Or Alarms in Production Servers as reported by 1st Level Assurance, Taking Server Backups As Per Policy, Executing Activities As Per Change Requests, Doing Node Audits, Implementing The Recommendations, & Doing Preventive Maintenance.
--> Technical Troubleshooting for the problems related to Voice Call, SMS, GPRS, USSD, IVR, E-Recharge & Paper Recharge.
--> Handle protocols like SS7, SIGTRAN, Gx, Gy, CAPv2, CAPv3, & Diameter and use the decoders: TraceLogViewer [For Application Trace], Wireshark [For TCP Trace], Snoop [IP Trace], Apa [For SCCP Trace], & ASN Viewer [For CDR Decoding].
--> Working on UNIX [Oracle Solaris 5.10] Operating System, & Oracle based Production Servers.
--> User and Security administration ensuring proper Authentication.
--> Implementation Of CAPv3 Charging of GPRS into CCN.
--> Temporary, & Permanent License Loading into EMA server.
--> Handling of Recharge, & Balance Enquiry through IVR.
--> Cleanup of old, & un-necessary files of all the production servers of Charging System.
--> Removal of un-necessary flows for MSS, SMSC, SGSN, AIR, SDP, CCN from EMM.
--> Delivered presentation on CS5.0 to Customer, & all concerned stakeholders.