Project On Mobile Customer Relationship Management


--> The possibilities that are created by mobile medium have enabled companies and industries to exploit this medium to promote CRM activities (Sinisalo et. al., 2006). By using mobile medium, according to Sinisalo et al. (2006), companies wish to advance activities with customer in the sense of saving time, cost and inconvenience.
--> These authors define mCRM as “utilizing mobile medium for the purpose of managing customer relationships and activate customers to start dialogue with company via mobile medium.

Benefits Of mCRM:

--> The new area of mobile medium makes it possible to promote CRM activities, which were not possible before (Sinisalo et. al., 2006).
--> According to the authors Sinisalo et. al. (2006), consider mobile medium of being a powerful opportunity to reach customers, by offering different ways for companies to plan and implement more advanced ways to communicate with their customers.
--> One particular way is SMS, which is seen to be immediate, automated, reliable, personal, discreet and customized channel, which allows an efficient way to reach customer directly.
--> Other benefits that the authors see with mCRM are that mobile medium allows high speed message delivery, relatively low cost and high retention rates. In this sense, mCRM is also suited for industries like retailing, involving plenty of communications with their customers.
--> Interactivity is however the most essential characteristics that differentiates the mobile medium form the traditional media.
--> This is the two-way communication in real-time between companies and their customers.
--> In that sense, Sinisalo et. al. (2006) believes that the mobile medium may not have a comparative alternative when it comes to building a continuing dialogue between the company and the customer.