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Last Working Day (Good Bye, & Lets Meet Again...!!!)


We all have shared wonderful moments together, I call them wonderful because we explored new things, learned new chapters, worked together and I am leaving today with a pool of knowledge that I will treasure throughout.
After a really remarkable, exhilarating and challenging journey of '6 Years' with Operations (Bharti IN & U-Mobile CBIO, SLA), I would like to bid adieu to all colleagues. Today, is my last working day in 'U-Mobile, SLA' and a new journey beckons me to a new role in 'CSIADM' in Ericsson henceforth.
It was so good to work together as a team. Your cooperation and spirit towards job always enhanced my strength.
Each day has been a new experience. Working with you all polished my skills as well, be it managerial, people handling, or technical. On personal front where it made me more open minded which is good in a way that I am always ready to learn new things similarly on Professional front it made me a kind of person who knows how to work as a team.
Life is itself a lesson each day, as we grow we become more mature and thus learn new things. I wish you all a grand growth in your fields, ample amount of success & happiness in near future and always.
This is only a beginning for all of us.
I will begin a new chapter and you all will too begin a new phase of life.
Be in Touch, Thank You...!

Vikash Tiwari