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Thank You Note (To Boss)


I want to pay my special thanks to you both for always being with me in my ups and downs.

# Flying international, I could not have been believed; Dec 20 2012, Aug 23 2014 & Sep 19 2014 proven a big breakthrough to me when I flew overseas.

# Working in Global project used to be my dream and wish, and it came true on Aug 23, 2014 when I joined U-Mobile as my very first global project.

# Being an important part of billing domain along with charging will always keep on realizing the extend of trust shown on me.

# 1 Year, 7 Months & 19 Days were phenomenal in terms of financials (Very First EE in IPM & First Mid Term), being global, a leader, and adding billing domain in profile.

# I always attempted to deliver my best by being fully involved and keeping business and customer at first, please pardon me if something went wrong during the tenure. As of now, I have worked all in operations, 2LA for 9 years and it was very beautiful journey so far. I will keep on working to nullify my improvement areas as advised, and will never disappoint you.

Many thanks for supporting my ways of working and providing all I ever wished in my 6 Years in operations, 2LA in Ericsson.

Vikash Tiwari